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Policy Brief

The Policy Brief on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests can be downloaded from here. It outlines the status of current knowledge on the climate change impacts and adaptation in European forests, and identifies the challenges that need to be addressed for successful responses in policy and management.

The 2nd Policy Brief Climate Change in European Forests: How to Adapt which has been prepared by the MOTIVE project can be downloaded here. It describes proactive and reactive management styles and illustrates how they have been used in different regions of Europe.

ducational materials
MOTIVE factsheets on adaptations options on 5 bioclimatic zones can be downloaded from here:
1. MOTIVE Factsheet Terms (pdf, 215 KB)
2. MOTIVE Factsheet Mediterranean (pdf,189 KB)
3. MOTIVE Factsheet Mountain Regions (pdf,197 KB)
4. MOTIVE Factsheet Temperate Oceanic Region (pdf,160 KB)
5. MOTIVE Factsheet Temperate Continental (pdf,186 KB)
6. MOTIVE Factsheet Boreal Zone (pdf,301 KB)

MOTIVE related presentations






Biodiversity conservation and forest management in European forest ecosystems in times of climate change

Marcus Lindner

Forest Biodiversity in a Changing Climate: Understanding Conservation Strategies and Policies

Freiburg, Germany

22-23 September 2011

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