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The overall strategy of MOTIVE is the development of adaptive forest management strategies and the implementation into a Decision Support toolbox using new and adapted models and tools taking into account scenarios for climate and other changes and risk based on the main drivers responsible for these changes and stakeholders perspectives. The management strategies will be developed in an iterative process that can be looked upon as feedback loop between work packages.

Overview of the different work packages (WP) and the general flow of information in MOTIVE

Work packages

1. Coordination and general management

Co-ordinator Marc Hanewinkel, Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg

  • Administrative and financial management: including reporting and monitoring
  • Scientific management; monitoring and reporting progress and strategy
  • Organization of project meetings


2. Baseline trends and possible futures for the EU

WP Leader Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Swiss Federal Research Institute

  • Drivers of change
  • Climate and land use change scenarios, impact and uncertainties
  • Trends  in growth and productivity
  • Projected biome and productivity shifts


3. Development of improved models for adaptive forest management

WP Leader Gert-Jan Nabuurs, European Forest Institute

  • Further development of modelling tools
  • Validating and testing tools in case studies
  • Development and integration of the European level tool

4. Testing and evaluating management options and risks

WP Leader Harald Bugmann, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

  • Assessment of abiotic and biotic risks
  • Genetic adaptation potential
  • Current and alternative silviculture schemes in the case study regions
  • Ecosystem goods and services under different management options

5. Evaluating and selecting good adaptive forest management strategies

WP Leader Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, University of Copenhagen, Forest and Landscape

  • Extending state-of-the-art methods for decision making under uncertainty and risk
  • New methods for handling uncertainty, risk and spatial relations in adaptive forest management decision making
  • Developing and applying socio-economic evaluation methods for adaptive forest management
  • Stakeholder views and perceived options for handling uncertainty and change

6. Improved decision support in adaptive forest management

     WP Leader Manfred J. Lexer, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

  • Development of the decision support system toolbox for adaptive forest management
  • Application of decision support system toolbox to selected case studies
  • Data handling and management

7. Decision maker / stakeholder interactions and dissemination

WP Leader Marcus Lindner, European Forest Institute

  • Stakeholder and decision maker interactions
  • Process and synthesize key findings and results of the project
  • Dissemination and public relations


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