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In this section, you will be able to view all the completed, public MOTIVE deliverables as well as a listing of publications resulting from MOTIVE and related projects.
More MOTIVE deliverables have already been prepared but they are not made into public versions yet. Some deliverables may also have an embargo period and they will be made available here after this embargo period has expired.

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Knowledge in adaptive management of forest resources under climate change: a Bayesian simulation approach

Adaptation to Climate Change; Consequences of Local or Regional Decisions for a Forest Landscape in the Netherlands?

A review of decision-making approaches to handle uncertainty and risk in adaptive forest management under climate change.

Extracting environmentally driven growth trends from diameter increment series based on a multiplicative decomposition model

Effects of changing climate on water and nitrogen availability with implications on the productivity of Norway spruce stands in southern Finland

New trends in species distribution modelling
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