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MOTIVE mid-term newsletter now available

by: Ulla Vänttinen

Climate change is likely to have a significant impact on European forests. However, there is considerable uncertainty as to what degree of climate change we are facing. Moreover, forests and tree species will respond quite differently to changes in variability of climate. Regions that are suitable for one species now might no longer be so in the future, while other species might benefit at the same site. Forest management is challenged for taking the right decisions early, and before the consequences can be clearly evaluated.

The MOTIVE mid-term newsletter offers some answers to these open questions. The MOTIVE project (MOdels for AdapTIVE forest management) which started in 2009, is now at its mid-term. It has produced reliable results of impacts of climate change on Europe’s forests. The first simulations of adaptive management strategies highlight the need for a clear definition of site-specific forest management goals and an understanding of how the management actions today will impact future forest development and the provision of ecosystem goods and services. The MOTIVE consortium has developed a new concept for decision-making under uncertainty and risk enabling MOTIVE to produce improved decision support tools for adaptive forest management at site, stand and ecosystem levels.

MOTIVE works with ten case studies which represent a wide variety of European forest conditions. All relevant stakeholders are consulted and involved throughout the whole project. In each of the case studies, adaptive forest management options are developed that are used to simulate the provision of a wide range of ecosystem goods and services. New methods for handling risks and uncertainties as well as socio-economic evaluation methods are integrated into the adaptive management decision-making approach.

MOTIVE is a large-scale integrated project in the 7th Framework Programme of the EU that encompasses 20 partners from 14 European countries. It has an overall budget of almost 9 million Euros. The project is coordinated by the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg with duration of 4 years.

MOTIVE mid-term newsletter is available in pdf below.

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