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EFI Policy Brief looks at Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests

by: Ulla Vänttinen

Climate change is a main concern for the EU. Europe is aiming to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially and develop a strategy for adapting to the impacts of climate change that can no longer be prevented. Development and implementation of adaptation strategies in forest management will require actions from the policy level down to practical management decision making in each Member State.

The new EFI Policy Brief “Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests” outlines the status of current knowledge on the climate change impacts and adaptation in European forests, and identifies the challenges that need to be addressed for successful responses in policy and management.

“One of the key issues, which we cannot afford to overlook, is the role of forest owners and practitioners”, says Dr. Marja Kolström from EFI. “They need information, support and training to be able to modify their management practises.”

The Policy Brief is based on the research carried out in the MOTIVE- project (Models for Adaptive Forest Management). EFI Policy Brief 6, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests by Marja Kolström, Terhi Vilén and Marcus Lindner is available as a pdf-file here:

Further information Dr. Marja Kolström, marja.kolstrom at

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is an international organisation established by European States. EFI conducts research and provides policy advice on forest-related issues. It facilitates and stimulates forest-related networking, and promotes the supply of unbiased and policy-relevant information on forests and forestry. It also advocates for forest research and the use of scientifically sound information as a basis for policy-making on forests.

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