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Results of expert survey available: Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in Europe

by: Ulla Vänttinen

Prutsch, A., Grothmann, T., Schauser, I., Otto, S., McCallum, S., 2010. Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in Europe, ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/6


This paper provides a starting point for identifying success factors and case studies on how good adaptation could work in practice at various governance levels and in different sectors. It presents a set of guiding principles for good adaptation in Europe and therein identifies specific elements that support its successful implementation. Furthermore, it illustrates a few practical examples that are meant to highlight how certain aspects presented in the guiding principles can be put into practice.

The guiding principles build on a comprehensive literature review, a comparison of national adaptation strategies, expert judgements and good practice examples.

The report can be viewed/ downloaded at:

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